Saturday, March 08, 2008

Starting over

Buddhist spirituality I like. What I can't figure out is how such sensitive and intelligent people as are drawn to that great religion can fall for such a logically incoherent doctrine as reincarnation.

The belief that I was someone else, say Guy Fawkes, in a previous life seems straightforward enough until the next person turns up claiming the exact same identity. What criteria could we possibly apply to distinguish the true claim from the false?

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Im from Melbourne Australia.I came across your site via your post on Faith & Theology.

There is nothing logically "inconsistent" about "reincarnation" at all.

Please check out these related references that there is in fact a process which could be called reincarnation--except that it is much more complex than most people survive.
And that death itself is a living process in which we can consciously participate.


Plus 2 related references on the origins & consequences of the current universal insanity, and what can be done about it.