Saturday, April 30, 2011

Two Weddings - without forgetting the funeral

It was marriage that fate
had in store for William and Kate,

but whether
made for bliss or hell

is too soon to tell.

Though the fact that William's mistress was not present at the ceremony

bodes well.

Forward to the Past

This is not a well-researched observation, more an impression, but, apart from Mr Milliband, there didn't seem to be any Labour politicians or anyone recognisably working class in the congregation for that there Royal Wedding yesterday. (And don't say you can't tell class by looking. I can tell by watching.)

Could it be that the Royals are so far above politics that a snub from them isn't a snub?

Or is it rather that The Tory Party at Prayer is back? 

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Then and Now

Frank Chalk's left wondering. 

So we've got a mad dictator, who is happy to kill thousands of his own people without a second thought and some brave citizens trying to get rid of him. We have decided to help them out...

Anyway enough about Saddam Hussein in 2003; how come all the fashionable people aren't marching up and down the streets of London chanting anti war slogans now?

Monday, April 04, 2011

In memoria matris

I found my mother asleep on the sofa when I got up to go to church one Sunday morning at 7.30 am. Only she wasn't asleep. She was dead. Or was she dying? We'll never know for sure, any more than we can ever know whether she intended it.

It was before the days of mobile phones and before we as a family could afford a domestic phone at all. I ran off down the street to ring for an ambulance. But how fast do you run when your mother is dead or dying? And how patiently should you wait outside the call-box for the person in there to finish? And how do you live with the thought that if only you had taken less time your own mother might have been saved?