Sunday, March 30, 2008

Some thoughts on love

From Dennis Prager:

"The love relationship between a man and a woman is unique.. . .it is the only relationship in which it is a good thing to seek to be loved. In other relationships, it is bad to seek to be loved. Parents who seek to be loved by their children will inevitably do a poor job as a parent. They may even damage their child. Leaders who seek to be loved by the public will be ineffective at best and dangerous at worst. One can only lead if he does not yearn to be loved. A teacher who tries to be loved by her students will likewise fail. Parents, leaders, teachers have jobs to do, and seeking to be loved compromises their ability to do those jobs properly. They should seek to do the right thing, and doing the right thing often means being not loved, even hated. If they seek any response from those they lead, it should be respect, not love.

"But in the love of equals — i.e., the love between a man and a woman and the love of friends — it is not only all right to seek to be loved, it is a good thing. Taking the love of a spouse or friend for granted is perhaps the single greatest cause of marital divorce and the breakup of friendships. “What can I do to ensure his/her continuing love?” is a wonderful thing to keep in mind."

What think you?

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S. said...

I dunno. I think I would rather seek to be loving than loved. Perhaps the man and woman are both. I think in being loving, you become loved if the person you love recognizes the depth of your care an concern.

Although, I have not found the type of love I want in a relationship, despite many trials.

I think we should first seek to love ourselves.

Jumbled, but there are some preliminary thoughts.

Thanks for sharing.