Saturday, March 08, 2008


A few random thoughts on honesty:

It was Honest to God by John Robinson that convinced me back in the sixties that religion should be taken seriously by thoughtful people.

Being honest has many times been expensive for me in life and ministry.

I would like to belong to a Church that was more publicly honest. Andrew Shanks on liturgy as an ideal enactment of public honesty is interesting. More on this later.

I wonder what would happen if, like those with Tourette's syndrome, we all acquired a tendency to blurt out the most shockingly immediate and uncensored version of the truth as we saw and felt it without regard for the needs or feelings of others within hearing distance.

Vivienne Westwood's use of the phrase 'organised lying' with reference to the propaganda put out daily for public consumption caused to me to wonder whether all human institutions are based on this practice, and whether the Church could and should be the exception.

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