Saturday, March 01, 2008

I'm back, honey!

I've been out of touch for a few days; what in the Church of England we call an interregnum.

We used to have AOL Broadband, but now we have Sky. A kind of conversion; just can't get away from God-talk. But between my two ISPs there was a silence, a not-being-connected, a not-belonging. And worse, for me, there was having to acquire and install a new computer to go with my new connection, because the other one was too old and didn't have the right socket for me to plug the router into. And one thing led to another - an easy transfer cable that I bought and whose CD I then inadvertently discarded (PC World kindly replaced the CD, even though they hadn't lost it) - an easy transfer cable (the same one) that turned out to be a 'won't transfer anything at all' cable, again because the old computer didn't have enough disk space to operate it (the saintly staff at PC World replaced this with a Flash Drive which I'm assured will do the job but much more slowly) - constant to-ing and fro-ing - attempts, soon abandoned, to run two computers with only one monitor - . . . . and now at last a kind of normality, and a lesson learned

. . . . . to be humble is to be sane.

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