Sunday, December 31, 2006

Playing to my strength

What I'm good at is staying home, staying in, being there, being helpful, supportive, encouraging, stimulating (I hope) and sometimes challenging to those I'm with. I don't have, want, or seem to need much of a social life or many friends. I'm particularly good with our cared-for kids because I'm interested in them, nearly always there for them, a bit of a tease, and really quite silly.

I was always there for my own kids even when 'there' was not where my kids were - a matter of great sadness at the time which I never quite get over. My kids are now in their thirties and I'm there (here) for my grandchildren.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

What today?

The other day I decided I should join the Fellowship of Solitaries. No seriously. I also had another idea. To offer some time to spend with housebound people who might like to be read to by a real person rather than a talking book. I felt a glow of satisfaction at my sense of altruism.

Then a couple of hours later neither of these seemed quite such a good idea. So I abandoned them. At least for the time being.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Same Difference

I am no more clear about what autism is than ever I was. I mostly feel that it isn't anything, that it isn't even an 'it' at all; just an agreed number of items ticked on a list of the kinds of difficulties that most of us have anyway.

Having become acquainted with one or two young sufferers, I am particularly struck by how similar they are to other members of their families who are not themselves reckoned to be autistic. Their problems seem to stem, not from how different they are, but how similar.