Sunday, November 23, 2008

What's left?

I used to see myself as on the left, the old left, old Labour. I'm still Labour. It's in me. Call it tribal, though it's not a tribe I was born into. More like the Church of England, it's one I joined.

But am I still left? Can I claim to be when I find myself, as I increasingly do, nodding in agreement with those, like a recent correspondent to the Church Times, who inveigh against "a culture in which honest and thrifty people subsidise . . the mindless random procreation of life by very young people who have no time for each other, let alone for their pitiable and blameless offspring"?

"Only laziness, down-levelling, and a perverted political correctness could allow that the lack of a high income or a high IQ or a stable background preclude recognition by the perpetrator that such behaviour is wrong."

"It is greatly to the credit of Jeremy Kyle and his team that they bring the culprits face to face with the enormity of their actions, and then bend over backwards to offer practical, professional, and costly help, and a sense of meaning to people disastrously ensnared, with the state's tacit assent, by their own selfishness and decadence."

Jeremy Kyle? Now after what I said in my last posting about unpopular minorities, can you think of anyone more unpopular, and more of a minority than Jeremy Kyle? And yes, I do feel sympathy for him.


MadPriest said...

Those with money believe that the next thing that they buy will be the thing that makes them happy. The poor do not have this option but they can have babies and so they pin their hope for happiness on the next baby. Of course, like the luxury item bought by the rich, the baby never lives up to their expectations.

goodfornowt said...

Hold on there MP, my parents were poor. Are you suggesting I didn't live up to their expectations? I was Mary's boy-child.

MadPriest said...

I thought you became an accountant.