Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hero of the Year

Bishop Gene Robinson in Pink News:

. . . the thing that I would say to the people in the pews of the Church of England is: 'When are you going to stand up for your gay priest?

'Whom you know and love, you know his partner, you adore his partner, when are you going to demand of your church leaders who also know the sexual orientation of their priests and who will go to dinner at his house with his partner.'

'When are you going to demand that they support publicly what they support privately?'

One of the frustrating things about pronouncements from the Church of England for us in the States, is you would think from those statements that there are no gay priests or gay-partnered priests in the Church of England.

And that's a kind of living death for those priests.

It must be very difficult to feel any sort of worth if the church will let you work for them but not acknowledge you.

And let's remember that priests are called to get into the pulpit every Sunday and call people to a life of integrity. To not allow the priests themselves to live such a life of integrity is tragic.

What I most admire about Gene Robinson is his costly commitment to openness and honesty, and his refusal to hide.

Hiddenness is the divine prerogative, not a prerogative for divines.

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