Wednesday, February 06, 2008


From Prodigal Kiwis:

This led me to revisit my own understanding of the vocation … question, and I finally asked it the right way. What I asked myself was this: is there anything in my life that I have always felt called or compelled to do, any drive or impulse that I have ultimately been able to ignore?... I can ignore it, but it does not go away. I am happier when I am following it than when I am not. It is something that gives me a sense of integrity and meaning…” (Gregory Augustine Pierce).


Sue said...

And what was your answer?

Is it still lion taming?

For me it's writing. Even though it really scares me.

goodfornowt said...

Yes Sue, writing scares me too. So much that I keep nearly stopping. And then people like you remind me that this monologue can be part of a dialogue. Thank you.

I think lion-taming represents my desire to live and die heroically. It's a way of snatching meaning out of the jaws of cosmic insignificance.

I haven't given up on the notion of life as an offering, a giving back, to God. I can't improve on Wesley's great words:

"Still let me prove thy perfect will,
My acts of faith and love repeat;
Till death thy endless mercies seal,
And make the sacrifice complete."