Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Creative Pause

Thanks to Prodigal Kiwis for this.

“In the dance there is a movement called the creative pause between the completion of one movement and beginning of the next.
This pause is an essential part of our process and belongs to everyday.

The creative pause is called for when the yarn is tangled, the window stuck, the project half-finished, or the friendship faltering.
In loss, in grief, in crisis, the creative pause lends itself to creative solutions.

Often we use this moment in resentment, reaction, revenge. We pull harder. We strike and strike and strike. We tug tenaciously, pound at the problem, trying to bring about an answer – any answer.
Overwhelmed by helplessness, we obscure solutions of clarity.
Then, exhausted, we are quiet.

God works in the waiting, wanting only our best, only what is right for us. Into the silence, God comes bringing peace in discomfort, confidence in confusion, trust in frustration.
Gently, child, gently, God says. Give me your loving attention and wait willingly. I will make clear your way.
Wait in confidence
and trust this creative pause.”

Paradoxically, Dorothy Rowe, an atheist psychologist, says that, in all our significant decisions and actions, the moment belongs to God.

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