Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blackmail, Misery and Cheating

Patricia McKeever, whom he describes as the internet Torquemada of Scottish Catholic gaydom, comes in for a stern word today from David Aaronovitch. Most of it is well directed at Scottish Catholicism but there is a wider relevance.

"Let’s not make this just about Catholics. There are all kinds of people who, for religious or cultural reasons, wish to see greater social control over what women, homosexuals and youngsters are allowed to do. They would like the rules on divorce tightened, the morning-after Pill discouraged, women to wear modest headscarves so that their hair doesn’t drive men wild with misplaced sexual desire. They want clear and stringent rules on what people may and may not do. They forget that, from Saudi Arabia to TV evangelism, such illiberalism always runs on the black hypocrisy of cheating husbands, punished women, blackmail, misery and self-slaughter."

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