Sunday, October 26, 2008

The impossible takes a little longer

I've asked before and I'll ask again. Why do people insist on doing things they can't do? It's the whole paralympics thing. Can't understand it. To me it's simple. If you're blind, you can't play cricket. Blind people are properly ruled out by cricket team selectors in the same way, and for a similar reason, that hydrophobics are not likely to make it as swimmers, or agrophobics to excel in the event of cross-country running, or legless people in any event or sport that involves any kind of running at all.

To accommodate these games to the individual needs and disabilities of all who should like to take part entails the same kind of flight from reality as that of a vegetarian who insists on eating only wafer-thin slices of ham.

This guy was sacked from Relate because he wasn't content to go on being a first class relationship counsellor but wanted instead to tell people with sexual difficulties how and with whom they they should and shouldn't have sex. He is of course taking his case to an employment tribunal, alleging unfair dismissal on the grounds of religious discrimination. But all they said in effect was, 'If you want to do that kind of thing, get yourself a soapbox or pulpit. If you want to stay with Relate, accept the limitations of your office.'


Sue said...

I guess Relate could have maybe been a bit more flexible, though? I mean, if he had issues, as is his right, then surely there could be an easy work around that by assigning him cases where he knows he isn't going to have an issue?

However, what pissed me off were his paranoid assumptions that the whole world is out to shut Christians up and also banging on abut his rights. I am sick of hearing about people's rights.

In an about-turn to your Relate man (and I actually agree with what you said) the flipside was this: a Christian had a sticker on their car which said something discriminatory about gays. I mean, what a dick, right? You can have a whole lot of stuff on your car - but naw, let's go with the hatemongering stuff. I hate Christians like that. Might get a car sticker to prove it :)

Anyway, a couple of lesbians driving past saw this sticker, took the person to court, and were awarded damages of a couple of thousand dollars each.

How about getting a fucking grip, escuse my French? How about letting other people's opinions slide off you a bit more instead of babbling on about rights? HOw about exerting your responsibility as a grown up to get the hell over it?

Sheesh. :D

Sue said...

PS: Grown up boys and girls, I should say. And another woman, who hadn't even seen the sticker, was awarded damages as well. What a load of bullocks.

Anyway, GFN, sorry for blathering on in your comments section haha :)

goodfornowt said...

I love your blathering, and I so agree with you about people hanging around waiting to be offended by those who simply see things differently from them, and OK express their differences a bit strongly.
One of my favourite stories is about the priest who went into school to teach the children about the omnipotence of God.
"It means", he said, "that God can do anything."
He went on to explain how this could be so, and just to make sure the little ones had grasped his point(?), he asked them, "Do you now think there is anything that God can't do?"
To his dismay a little boy put up his hand. The priest pointed to him and invited his reply.
"Yes Sir" said the boy "He can't please everybody."

Sue said...

Heh, indeed :)

I think being God would suck sometimes :)