Sunday, July 15, 2007

Single Parent

The Word at the Barricades publishes a letter from an imaginary youngster.

"My name is David. I am 9 years of age. I stay in a housing estate near Glasgow. I stay with my Mum. I don't know or see my Dad. My Mum is young. Sometimes she is patient sometimes not. Sometimes lonely, sometimes not. But she is my Mum and I love her. According to a recent report my situation means that I am much more likely than others to do badly at school, to get into trouble, to get involved in drugs and to commit crime. But Mr Cameron, he is also called David, is going to help. He is going to help by giving other families where there is a Mum and a Dad more money. How that will change my life I don't know. But he must know, because he went to a better school than me."

As I understand it Mr Cameron intends to extend his tax break to gay and lesbian couples in civil partnerships with or without children. Should be a vote winner!

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