Saturday, April 30, 2011

Forward to the Past

This is not a well-researched observation, more an impression, but, apart from Mr Milliband, there didn't seem to be any Labour politicians or anyone recognisably working class in the congregation for that there Royal Wedding yesterday. (And don't say you can't tell class by looking. I can tell by watching.)

Could it be that the Royals are so far above politics that a snub from them isn't a snub?

Or is it rather that The Tory Party at Prayer is back? 


MadPriest said...

There were plenty of working class people at the Royal Wedding. Who do you think cleared up the toffs' mess afterwards?

goodfornowt said...

So that's why some of the lady guests were wearing gloves!

MadPriest said...

Absolutely. And I was particularly impressed at how the Abbey bosses had the good sense to have two cleaners in the sanctuary throughout the service just in case there were any janitorial emergencies.