Saturday, July 03, 2010

A Green Revolution?

I'm feeling the need to respond in some way - theologically, philosophically, spiritually - to Celia Green's writings. They amount to a serious attack on much that I have stood for and taught and indeed preached in my life and ministry so far. I am open to such an attack and will only resist it when it seems to me to be unfair, unbalanced, inaccurate or just plain wrong. But where it is merely asking that I rethink and re-imagine what it could mean to be a Christian, a priest, and a human being in the twenty-first century, I pray for the boldness and humility to follow.

Let's see.

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Christopher The Painter said...

Heard about this Green Revolution but never really took interest in it because it seems that very few people are interested in it as well. I don't even hear my friends, my family, my relatives or even my neighbors talk about it. Its as if those who talks about it are the environmentalist but not the ordinary people.