Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It suddenly dawned on me

The one who inspires me is not one who is in a minority - but one who stands alone - the true individual.


Sue said...

Me too, Mr W. I've got so many thoughts going on in my head abut this at the moment that I can't really articulate. Thoughts about groupthink and mob mentality and how we all imitate each others desires (have you read any Rene Girard??) and how truly alone you can feel when you dare to just state how you really think about something these days. The pull seems to be especially strong to all conform and think the same in such an individualistic society ... paradoxicaly, that.

goodfornowt said...

Thanks Ms S. I'm reading Celia Green's 'Human Evasion' which is online at http://deoxy.org/evasion/toc.htm

A voice crying in the wilderness?

Sue said...

Okay, I'm only in chapter 1 but ooh, thanks for the link