Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just suppose

Suppose there had been an increase over recent years in the incidence of a particularly cruel and criminal act. Suppose it amounted to an attempt to sabotage the National Blood Service and thus prevent urgent transfusions of blood taking place. Suppose that, apart from a few representatives of oddball organisations and a handful of individual nutters, most of the known culprits were Jehovah's Witnesses and sought to justify their criminal behaviour by reference to the teachings of that religious group, even though many leading Jehovah's Witnesses had publicly condemned their actions.

Suppose a book had been written and a charitable helpline set up to advise and support victims of this horrific interference with a life-saving service. Suppose that the writer of the book and director of the charity was invited to answer questions about the problem in a Guardian column, and she did so without once mentioning Jehovah's Witnesses. Wouldn't it make you think?

Jasvinder Sanghera appeals for support in her efforts to eradicate forced marriage and honour-based crime, without once mentioning Islam.

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