Saturday, May 17, 2008

Breaking point

Sigmund Freud has been described as the "prose-poet of the heart's desire to break". I think he was a kind of artist who gave us a language in which to express our deepest griefs. For the most part we are not able to do this in anything like a direct way, by simply naming them. We need a vocabulary which expresses and yet conceals them at the same time. Freud supplied it, or at least one possible version of it.

In the Old Testament there is a teaching that God loves a heart that is broken, indeed that brokenness is the only sure way to approach God.

Freud must have been well acquainted with it.

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Sue said...

I am quite dismissive of Freud, I must say, without knowing too much about him. Don't you hate that? :)

I guess what turns me off is how he just brings absolutely everything down to sex, and women get relegated to unmales desirous of having a penis.

But I'm sure that quote above is terribly, terribly untrue and quite missing the point and only part of the picture etc etc so feel free to blog about it, dude. I would love to hear more about it (and get a bit more education in the process :)