Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More supernatural

One of the consequences of believing in a supernatural God, as defined in my post here, is the possibility of thanking God for his goodness whatever happens in an individual's life.

It seems to me that counting one's blessings is not characteristic of Christian life. It is no more than prudent and sensible. I have always been struck by the way that Jesus gave thanks on the night that he was betrayed, when he had nothing obviously and immediately to be thankful for.


themethatisme said...

Job was an absolute whingeing pussy. I don't blame god for the crap in my life but I don't see that I should neccesarily thank god for it either.

themethatisme said...

Job was a whingeing pussy.
I don't blame god for all the crap in my life but I don't think that it neccesarily means that I should thank god for it either. Too many evangelicals get off on a 'I must be a good servant of the Lord because of all the hurt and persecution I suffer' trip.

goodfornowt said...

I take a different view on Job. He had one or two things to whinge about. Well done if you're above that sort of thing.
I'm not suggesting we should be grateful for the crap. Merely that it may be possible to thank God for his goodness in spite of the crap.

Aghaveagh said...

Maybe we should give thanks for it not being near as crappy as it could be! I can always imagine things worse.