Saturday, November 17, 2007

Look after yourself

During a past bout of crippling anxiety I was urged to look after myself. I'd heard this before in the form, "Look after yourself, because if you don't do that you won't be able to look after anyone else." But, perhaps with brutal honesty, my counsellor offered a different ending viz "Look after yourself, for if you don't, nobody else will."

To this day I struggle with the bleakness of this: sometimes believing it true, and then again not being so sure.

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Sue said...

*Sigh* Yes, that feels very bleak when youre struggling with that and it certainly does seem like nobody else is going to do it :(

It shouldn't be like that, in the best of all worlds, should it?

And yet I think it's true that we need to look after ourselves, and also that it doesn't tend to come naturally. It feels self-indulgent. And I imagine it must be harder for men than for women.