Thursday, August 24, 2006

Off in a motor-car

We're off. We're off. We're off in a motor-car.
Fifty cops are after us, and they don't know where we are.

This is what we sang as we set off on the most exciting journeys of our childhood - by chara(banc) from Manchester to Blackpool. The words and music are in my mind as I begin this new and much later journey. Not now as free, or perhaps quite as excited, as then, but, I hope, not too careful or correct, and with enough enthusiasm to draw others into the conversation.

What kind of vehicle a blog is, where and how far we might travel in it, its possibilities and its limitations, are I suppose some of the questions that the world is beginning to answer, to which we will add our own experiences, both good and not so good.

Welcome aboard!

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